Thursday, December 9, 2010

This video has been made in conjunction with TAD, the online school I am very proud to be a part of. It is an amazing group of instructors, and we are loading our students up with an overwhelming abundance of information from the best illustrators and painters in the world.
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This is a useful video albeit it might seem a bit simple in concept, sharpening a art school, a pencil is a mark making tool, and the blade, or the tip, has to be crafted in a way to make it a useful mark making tool. We have a way we sharpen them to create a much larger area to mark with. This video covers the basics of how to craft your pencil to make it an efficient mark making implement. See you at the drawing board!

Here is the first instructional video for Lemenaid. This video teaches the art of measuring with a plumb line, or in this video, a measuring stick. They are virtually the same thing for what the artist needs (a measuring device), however different their physical design. If you have any questions, please post. If you have any suggestions, again, please post. Thank you for visiting Lemenaid.

Video 1: our wonderful art school in Encinitas. Studio 2nd Street

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Hello everyone, welcome to the first layer of Lemenaid. Blog first, website next. Video, Print, Instruction, etc. You will get a smattering of what the website will offer here on the blog. The first few videos here are posted on Conceptart, Facebook and TAD.

The mission of this blog is to get instruction out to the masses, as cheaply as possible. Free to almost free is my goal, with the esoteric, and the not so random information that can really help bridge the gap between an audience having no idea how the craft is done to the naive artist training themselves. Art is for everyone, and it begins by educating everyone as to what this is really all about.

If we are going to grow the arts, we have to educate the masses what and why they are looking at something worth looking at vs. something less worthy. Commercialism has really blurred the edges between quality and everything else. It is time to clarify those boundaries, educate what good really is, and let the rest figure out how to improve.

Thanks for joining Vanessa and I here at Lemenaid. We hope you gain from this source of information and come back again and again to improve your skills, and your understanding of how we do what we do.