Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Quick sketch motivations

Here is a video on the different motivations for doing quick sketch.  Keep in mind that there are many many more than this, this is but a drop in the bucket for what we do when we quick sketch, but I do find that in most gesture circles there is no real motivation for why the artist is drawing, and that can eventually lead to all sorts of interesting problems, including the question that can easily come to mind, "why am I doing this?"
The tools and surfaces you work with will also change up and inspire different types of motivation too, but in this case I worked with charcoal and newsprint, the standard tool of choice in most schools.
Pass the video on if you find it useful, and thank you for watching.


  1. Hi mr ron lemen, I want to ask question reilly methods, is it can be apply to male body or just female only?

  2. Hey--We're medical librarians who like to use Kinkade vs. Godzilla as an inspired example of creative mashup when we do brainstorming . May we have your permission to use one of the images on a poster we'll be showing at the Medical Library Association meeting in Chicago next month? Thanks, Pat in Pittsburgh

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